A snippet on US Elections, Trump and Biden’s policy about India.

One of the biggest democratic battle is about to be fought between Democrats and Republicans.It is scheduled in November 2020 a year already devastated by Corona Pandemic.

What Bidden brings to the table beyond being ” NOT TRUMP” and will pursue the era of Obama like policies some of it is against the establishment.Biden’s biggest dilemma is his age, 78 years. May be good enough for one term.Last few decades US citizen have shown propensity of electing is US head of state for 2 terms(Obama,Bush and Clinton).
It becomes essentially important for Trump to ensure Economy to follow the trend of 2 terms and steady his popularity.
Though recent situation a resounding defeat for Trump.His silent supporters can’t be predicted like happened in the last election.Trump’s re election will have profound consequences for the US and the world. His mantra of success will be America first . Global cooperation has already evaporated in the last years.

In context to India, Biden’s victory will have direct impact on Modi’s internal domestic policies. Biden’s recent remarks on Kashmir, CAA, NRC and Pakistan’s point of view towards India will have serious consideration.
Trump’s recent presence in India and Modi’s presence in US in front of huge Indian diaspora may be in favor of Trump.
Trump for sure will not back India for its problem with China, he may only withdraw special trade privilege.Trump views India favourably not because it is a democracy trying to survive in tough neighborhood but it’s a huge market for US which loves India for this opportunity and not ethical values.
If Biden gets elected, it may not result in absolute closeness of the 2 Nations but can pave the way for close economic understanding for mutual benefit.

Conclusions : The impact of US Election on India.

1… Restoration of Liberties in Kashmir.
2… Unlike to favor CAA and NRC.
3… The economic ties could be strengthened but will not overlook Pakistan and other neighbors.
4… The ties will purely on commercial value rather than friendly values.
5… May support H-1B and L class visa.

1… May not interfere with the internal initiatives on Indian Govt.
2… His temperamental nature will remain unpredictable. He may not have any fixed or rigid policy for Asia.
3… He has pure business ideology, non- negotiable arms deal.etc.
4… India stopped buying petrol from Iran on Trump’s insistence affecting long term relations but it has also affected India’s Chabahar port projects and business in Afghanistan.
5… US under Trump has taken firm stance against China.He has been tough on commercial and trade issues.It will have its positive impact in November Election.

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