Bizarre Perks the Queen and the British Royal Family Enjoy

Kohinoor Crown, Castle, Super-expensive Cars are just basic things. Here is the list of royal family perks that are actually quite strange:

A Queen can drive without a license. – Yes, She can drive around the U.K., without any license.

She doesn’t have to pay any tax – Despite not being required to pay tax, the Queen voluntarily began paying her fair share in 1992.

She can’t be arrested – The Queen is completely immune from prosecution as she enjoys Sovereign Immunity. The queen is protected for life since that’s how long she holds her position. Not only that, she and her family are also spared from all Freedom of Information requests, meaning they don’t have to give anyone access to their information.

She doesn’t need a passport to travel – Unlike other members of the royal family that still need to have UK passports, the Queen doesn’t need one herself because all U.K. passports are issued in the queen’s name. This privilege travels with her all around the world because issuing her a passport in her own name is too obvious.

She is the head of religion – The Queen is the head of the Church of England. She is not allowed to convert to any other religion or church. If she does, her title can be removed and another head is appointed.

Private Mint – The queen has her own cash machine installed in the basement of Buckingham Palace, courtesy of the posh bank, Coutts.

The potatoes are measured – All potatoes are measured before they are served at Buckingham Palace. Why? It’s to make sure that they are of similar dimensions and don’t throw off the appearance of the dinner plate.

Someone to break in your shoes – The queen hires someone to break in her shoes for her so she doesn’t have to suffer in stiff, new shoes. She simply can’t be seen complaining about uncomfortable footwear or wanting to change her shoes so someone else makes sure they are comfortable for her

Ownership of fish – The queen owns all dolphins, whales, and porpoises that come within three miles of Britain’s shores. Technically, the law also gives her the right to eat them.

Personal toothpaste squeezer – At one point in time, Prince Charles had a personal valet help him with his nighttime routine. Michael Fawcett, one of his valets, would squeeze toothpaste onto his toothbrush every night.

All of their servants and bills are paid for by the state – Another nice perk of being a member of the royal family? Having your bills paid by the Sovereign Grant, a grant “provided by Government to the Royal Household in support of the Queen’s official duties” according to the royal family’s official website. The maintenance and upkeep of several royal residences are covered, as well as the salaries of employees of the royal family.

The Queen can Veto any Law

If she wanted to, Queen Elizabeth could really shake things up. Anytime Parliament passes a law, she technically has the right to veto it.

Every law in the Commonwealth is passed in the name of the queen. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s read them, but it does technically give her the power not to pass a law. And that doesn’t just apply in England. Hypothetically speaking, she could veto laws in Canada, Australia Jamaica, and New Zealand, to name just a few places.

In 1999, Queen Elizabeth actually did so. Parliament had put through a bill that would have transferred the power to authorize military strikes from the queen to Parliament, and she refused to sign. She didn’t want to transfer her military authority away—so she skirted the democratic process and shut it down.

Laughter And Merriment Are Forbidden When She Dies – When Queen Elizabeth dies, the people of Britain will be strictly forbidden from being funny on public television. For the 12 days between her death and her funeral, all BBC channels are under strict orders not to air anything funny.

She can fire the entire Australian Government! – The Prime Minister of Australia is appointed by the governor-genera l. The queen could instruct her representative to appoint a new PM at any time. She can appoint a new governor-genera l too, if he does not comply.

Prince Charles has his shoelaces ironed – Prince Charles has three personal valets, all dedicated to maintaining the wardrobe of the prince and picking out what he will wear. Another thing they are responsible for? They have to iron the shoelaces on every pair of shoes the prince owns.