COVID-19 long term effects described even after recovery.

COVID-19 makes your blood viscous and attacks heart.

Patients who recover from COVID-19 are vulnerable to cardio vascular diseases after a certain period. The research conducted by Frankfurt University Hospital revealed that they have seen structural changes in 80% of the patients’ MRI report of heart.

Study: It damages the health of vital organs in long term.

A study published in journal of J.A.M.A cardiology states that patients’ heart shows ailments after 2 months of China Virus recovery. Its even observed on people who were asymptomatic.

According to experts, virus is thickening the blood. This makes a clot in heart and lungs and can cause even heart attack.

COVID-19 Study on dead bodies.

Another research was done on bodies of patients who died due to China Virus. Out of 39 bodies (average age 85 years), 24 had high level of blood thickness in their heart.

This virus damages small veins of body and this is dangerous for patients of Diabetes, Blood Pressure or Cholesterol.

Side Effects of Medicines.

Medical experts reported various side effects of hydroxychloroquine, a drug being used in treatment of Virus infected patients. Vomiting, Stomach-ache, loss of appetite, fatigue, dyspnea, psychological disorders, joint pain, chest pain, irregular heart beat and even cardiac arrest is expected.

Persistent Symptoms in Patients After AcuteĀ COVID-19

Credits: Jama Network

Note: This case series describes COVID-19 symptoms persisting a mean of 60 days after onset among patients previously discharged from COVID-19 hospitalization.

This is a single-center study with a relatively small number of patients and without a control group of patients discharged for other reasons. Patients with community-acquired pneumonia can also have persistent symptoms, suggesting that these findings may not be exclusive to COVID-19.

Clinicians and researchers have focused on the acute phase of COVID-19, but continued monitoring after discharge for long-lasting effects is needed.