Credit Shell & how Indian Airline Companies cheating you.

Airline Companies are making up for losses by “hoarding” money of passengers in this China Virus period through “Credit Shell” mechanism. They are accepting bookings for those destinations where they don’t even operate.

Then they declare the flight as cancelled & put your money in “Credit Shell” instead of refunding you full amount. They say a passenger can use that credit in next trip within one year, but no money shall be returned back.

What is “Credit Shell” hoax?

This is a kind of a Credit Note which can be used within one year. Means a passenger can use that credit in his next Air Travel using same Airline & the money will be adjusted through old PNR.

If the fare of new booking is greater than previous one, they passenger has to pay the difference. All passengers are bound to obey this “Rule”, they have no choice of opting the refund.

Milking the “Opportunity”

India resumed domestic flight operations on 25th May,2020. Trains were also not resumed that time. Therefore, large number people who were stuck in cities had no other option but to book flights.

Unfair trade practice started from here and there is no complaint redressal procedure initiated by Aviation Minister till now.

How Passengers are being Exploited?

Airlines cancel the flight when there is a little passenger load, its because of operational loss. While book a ticket, a traveler doesn’t know this matrix.

Companies continue to accept booking till last minute and then cancel the flight on pretext of “Operational Reasons”. This not only disturbs the whole schedule of passengers, but their money also gets stuck.

Worst affected people are those who are not frequent travelers. What is the use of “Credit Shell” if they are not going to Air travel within one year?

Air Passengers Association of India had filed a plea in Supreme Court in June seeking a refund on tickets for flights cancelled, and top court had asked the Ministry of Civil Aviation & airlines to sit together and work on modalities for ways to refund the money of passengers.