Emirates announces to pay all medical bills & hotel quarantine if you catch virus while Travelling.

  • Since Emirates flies only internationally, and does not operate in a domestic network, its been among those hit hardest by COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The offer of this free insurance is applicable to any destination or class of travel.
  • The offer is available till 31st October.

Emirates Airline will cover all medical bills up to USD 176,000 and hotel quarantine cost of USD 118 per day if any passenger catch COVID-19 during travel, while being away from home.

This Insurance cover is provided free of cost to all the passengers. It also covers the cost of repatriating your body and your funeral if you die.

The offer is valid for 31 days from the moment they fly using Emirates. This means customers can continue to benefit from the added assurance of this cover, even if they travel on wards to another city after arriving at their Emirates destination.

Customers do not need to register or fill in any forms before they travel, and they are not obligated to utilise this cover provided by airlines.

Any impacted customer who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel simply has to contact a dedicated hotline to avail of assistance and cover.

However, COVID-19 testing costs are not covered, and passengers must get the expenses approved by airline before paying them.

This insurance package is provided by NEXtCARE, a SBU of travel insurance provider, Allianz.

Emirates has seen 90% fall in ticket demand during COVID-19 pandemic. Though the airline managed to keep some revenue floating in through cargo operations.

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