Is China Planning To “Conquer” The Internet?

American Democratic Party reports that China will decide the rules of Internet if US and Allied countries don’t jointly censorship & monitor it.

Britain, after India and USA, has proved its concern on increasing industrial prowess of China after banning Huawei from its 5G Network planning.

Robert Menendez, a Senior Democrat Party leader from New Jersey has clearly stated in report that China is willing to “Snatch” the future of Cyber Domain from United States.

He tweeted that Trump’s policy was insufficient to combat China’s digital authoritarianism and suggested below steps to fix it :

  1. Develop and deploy alternatives to Chinese 5G technology with U.S. allies.
  2. Limit the spread of malign Chinese surveillance technologies and digital authoritarianism.
  3. Strengthen the U.S. digital workforce.
  4. Reinvigorate U.S. diplomatic leadership and alliances, and take a more robust role on the international stage.
Data Theft.

China is spreading its “Digital Imperialism” through is Social Media app Tik Tok and 5G technology of Huawei.

Xi government has asked its Tech companies to build a governance model which can “control” user’s access to information and data under “Mass Surveillance Technology & Internet”.